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CHARACTER NAME: Lichtenstein / Lili / Erica which ever.
CHARACTER SERIES: Axis Powers Hetalia


Backtagging: I don't mind! I do it a lot myself since I sometimes fail at tagging. Ahaa.
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Fourthwalling: ... Sounds fun, but she has a horrible imagination if she gets that far and doesn't just stand in shock. xD
Offensive subjects: I can't see any with her! Don't insult anyone she cares about and you're good.


Hugging this character: There will be a lot of blushing but she is rather friendly, so don't worry about being pushed away... just worry about any guns around, her brother is extremely protective of her.
Kissing this character: Once again, don't get yourself killed by him. But sure~ If you know, she actually knew them well enough. But random kissing and ness will really get you killed. She has her own guns, you know? But she won't use them unless well... you try to do anything else. <<
Flirting with this character: Give her awhile to get it, hmhm. But she isn't exactly the kind of person that would flirt back, if she knew what it was anyway. Other then that? Red as tomato.
Fighting with this character: Sure! She got lessons from Switzerland several times, I'm sure she picked up on some of it. And she might not look it, but due to the many sports she partakes in (skiing/snowboarding/hiking/biking) she is in fact rather strong.
Injuring this character: Me? I'm okay with it. But she will fight back to just about anything, as long as they weren't a friend if it was... she might stand in shock and probably get herself horribly injured.
Killing this character: You will be killed by a certain someone, yep. But really, countries are kind of hard to kill them.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, why not? =o Although once again, odd imagination and she gets easily distracted. As for going deeper in there, she does in fact, have a slightly horrible past by which I mean everything before her brother. Of course. XD

Warnings: I can be really depry! So if I don't reply back do PM me! ;; Sometimes I just forget or don't really know how to reply.

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vaguely positive impressionmild liking/finds pleasant.

active like/fondness. a friend.

very close to/fond of. good friend/family.

loves/a bit of a crush.
attraction/romantic or sexual connection.


vaguely negative impression.

mild dislike/finds unpleasant.
active dislike/distaste.
intense dislike/is repulsed by


Roderich Edelstein -Republik Osterreich-
In old times,the Liechtenstein princes pretty muched served the Habsburg family as close advisers. And in the end of WW1 Liechtenstein had very close ties to both the Austrian empire and later the Austria-Hungary empire. As well as having two palaces in Vienna Wiki for more info 
As for in canon, they haven't been seen together much other then a few times with her Brother and Austria together. Although it's pretty much a sure thing she used to be close to him, taking Historic facts into mind. 
In game: In Ruby City, the two of them usually meet up in parties and end up dancing, from what it looks like like. Although Lili couldn't help but feel even more comfortable in RC  with both her brother and Austria, but of course, she still misses her own home. But due to her brother not exactly telling her to stay away from him, and she almost would guess he wouldn't since he changed, so she usually talks to him when she gets the chance to as well as helping him with his new home, sewing a few things. 

Through their time in RC, she can easily call him someone she can depend on, and she holds very dear. He also gives her musical lessons, which is very thankful for.
relationship: Dear friend.
Video - First  - Austria has just got into the City!
Video - Second - House things.
Log - Third - Party~.
Log - Fourth- tine to dance the Waltz!
Text - Fifth - Music~! Arranging lessons
Video - Sixth - Candy Austria
Video - Seventh - Festival  and Wales?
Video - Eighth - Taking a walk
Video - Ninth - Small talk~
Francis Bonnefoy -République française-
Well, she respects him as a fellow Nation and maybe even likes his sense of fashion but that's just a bit of a secret of hers,  and he did take over her home for some time and at that point her economy began to fall but it lasted very shortly, leaving her by herself again.  
In game: Not much changed, although they certainly talked more and he was quite the person to flatter her so much, with that respect she grew a bit of a friendship towards him as well as some kind of awkwardness due to that lovely kiss on Christmas. Ahem. 

relationship: Friends.
Log - First - In the living room mostly just talking
Video - Second - Comforting him as best as she could.
Action - Third - Stumbling across a painting France.
Action - Fourth - Oh-ooh.
Ludwig Beilschmidt -Bundesrepublik Deutschland-
With keeping historical facts in mind, I could almost say she had some kind of crush on him for awhile, even her national anthem had something's to do with him. To put it simply, he must have been rather important to her at some point and even now there's a slight chance she's still has a bit of feelings towards him. But they're mostly in the past, but she wishes he would remember her. With the whole HRE  being Germany but with lost memories and he does look  like him, which also could have made that crush a bit harder.  
In game:  Due to him taking care of her, at the time of Vash's disappearance, she grew rather fond of him. Although feeling guilty for lying to him about staying at home, she feels as if she betrayed his kindness by lying, which she hates rather deeply caused her to try and distance herself from him, deeming herself unworthy of his kindness.   

With everything that happened with her brother, she ended up staying with him and Prussia, she just can't help but feel like he's really family now.

relationship: Adopted sibs?
Video - First - Awakrd talking yay!
Video then Action - Second - Dealing with Vash being gone and some cooking?
Action - Third - Festival
Action - Fourth - Vash in the hospital
Log - Fifth - Catacombs here she come
Action - Sixth - Floorplan
Video then Action - Seventh - serious matters concerning Vash.
Video - Eighth - Screaming?
Matthew Williams -Canada-
As a fellow nation, she can't help but feel that this place is starting  to feel horribly more like home. Canada, by nature is pretty nice, and she is thankful for having such a calm and nice friend around. It's a good change, and he's usually pleasant to talk to.

relationship: Friends?
Video - First - meeting for the first time
Feliciano Vargas -Repubblica italiana-
The two must be rather close, not so much though due to her brother's fondness of shooting him she would rather not be the cause of him being hurt. Although both of them knowing Austria and HRE must have had a rather strong point in why they would get along. 

In game: Italy helped Lili many times, in his own way.  Getting to talk to him more, and even eating pasta together and eventually he ended up saving her (well, kind of) in the whole haunted mansion event.  He ended being a rather dear person to her, someone that she would rather get hurt for then see hurt. All in all, Italy is very, very dear to her. As well as saving her later after she managed to drag herself out of the catacombs, both of them tried to be strong for each other 
. Which can be very heartbreaking. And she ended up forcing him to leave by telling him he was useless, only for her to apologize and both of them make up later in the hospital somehow that ended up with both of them agreeing to be family!

And then they both killed everyone with cute.
For some reason they can always end up pouring their hearts out at each other, and taking care of each other which really helps both of them deal with things and make it easier. That and being with Italy in general makes her instantly happier..

relationship: Friends now siblings!
Video - First - Vash is gooone
Action - Second - Festival!
Video then Action - Third - Italy after the festival  Part 2
Video then Action - Fourth - Ghost house.
Video - Fifth - Promises and protection?
Log - Sixth - dances!
Video then Action - Seventh - Italy saving Lili
Video then action - Eighth - Getting back together
Video then log - Ninth - NPC and picture stuff
Log - Tenth - Lili cheering Feli up and him giving her his painting! And carnival planning.
Video - Eleventh - Candyyyy Italy
Video then Action - Twelfth  - Staying over!

Memes - Evill side. 
Memes - Random things?
Meme - In game - Honestyyy.
Meme - In game - Honesty
Meme - Sleeping?
Lovino Vargas -South Repubblica italiana -Sicily--
He saw the most awkward thing that she has ever thought of, which, on it's one made her feel horribly awkward around him. But she understands where he's coming from usually, or tries to, anyway. Although she still dislikes him to an extent for having hurt Italy, and insulting her several times in the past. But she's trying not to let that show since she's hoping he gets better... With both her and now her brother as well, trying her best is all she could do.

And as <i>some</i> people describe it, she is usually found bonding with the Italy brothers by "wanting to get it on with their brothers". Ahem.

relationship: BROTHER. Or something.

Video - First - No insulting!
Video - Second - Candyyy
Audio/Video - Third - Awkwardness!
Video - Fourth - Awkward Lili on candy?
Gilbert Beilschmidt -Preußen-
Prussia is someone she knew from the time she had close ties with the Astro-Hungarian empire; It was when the Austro-Prussian war broke out that true pressure was placed on Liechtenstein - when peace was declared, Prussia accused the smaller nation of being the true cause of the war due to a large miscount of the votes that were pro a war. This led to Liechtenstein refusing to agree to sign a peace treaty with Prussia and remained at war. 
In game: Prussia has taken up training Liechtenstein in fighting at some point, before her whole Catacombs things. Although the two of them have had other interactions, such as little arguments over if Prussia is cold or not, which she never actually believes him. The two might have gotten a bit closer then her brother would like, knowing him especially with the last new years party. 
Although she won't exactly remember much of this; Prussia took care of her while she was injured, very sweet, surprisingly enough. 
She really sees him as someone to look up to, even with his silliness at times but that only makes him better to be around and a very lovely older brother. He's someone she really wouldn't take a second thought to protect him or help him in anyway she could.
relationship: Teacher/Friend/AWESOMEBRO.
Video/Action - First - Welcome in the awesome, which is oubviously cold.
Action - Second - Oh, dear. Prussia taking in Lili to train?
Video - Third - Birdy is gone? And training it is!
Log - Fourth - Training, shooting, hide and seek?
Action - Fifth - No playing dead, Prussia!
Action - Sixth - Saving time and Prussia is the sweetest
Action - Eighth - Visting?

D_M - Ride the haselhof!
Vash Zwingli -Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft-
In canon: ALL THE LOVE, FOREVER!  Being the one that saved her in a time that she thought was going to be her end, even wishing that she could stay a country for just awhile longer, he has a very special place in her heart. Taking her in as  his sister, and taking care of her from that day on made him one of the most important people to her. Cutting her hair and even dressing up in a way to make herself look more like him, it's obvious that she wants to be more like him, admiring him to an extent. 

And counting sheep will forever be the best thing ever.

In game: 
Aha! Here is where things get a bit odd.  Well, he had his fair share of character development while he was in Ruby City which made him less... She can't put her finger on it, but he is different that's for sure. That of course, caused her to feel rather strange, almost as if he isn't the person she knew, but he was happy and that was enough for her, right? 
Than comes the fact that he's in the cahoots with 202, which got her a bit jealous (a lot) and scared that she would be forgotten just like what happened to her with... Everyone she knew, in canon, at least. Hopefully, with time, she'll learn to accept it and be happy that he found someone, as much as it pained her. 

relationship: mostawkwardthingeveridon'teven.
Video - First - Reunion!
Action - Second - Jungle Event!
Log - Third - Home Welcoming Part~!
Action - Fourth - Mostly Vash being... not awake
Barely Video then Action - Fifth - Vash is awake and Lili is not exactly right.
Video then Action - Sixth - Cut cut hair.
Action - Seventh - Zombies attack!
Video - Eighth - Need to tell her something?
Video - Ninth - NPC?
Video then  Action - Eleventh - 202 is gone?
Action - Twelveth - Shooting 202 and... drama.
Other Canons
(Adventure Time) Marceline
There is this very small admiration from her side, since she had this sence of something more from her. She can fly after all! She only thought that could happen in her really odd dreams, that or she had to many sweets. But she was surprised that she seemed to be some kind of witch, or something, Lili can come up with so many ideas with this. Lovely imagination, this girl. Although she didn't get scared, for some reason, she trusted her.

 relationship:  Friends!
Video - First - You can fly??
Video - Second - In which she is in shock and what not.
(Disgaea) Laharl
From the first time, both of them didn't exactly get along much. Although in a very subtle way, she enjoys speaking to him, in this very love hate kind of way. But him not believing her did bother her very much, but she got her by  telling him she didn't belive him either   took  it very maturely.

relationship: Friends rivals? Something?
Video - First - Some kind of odd friendship or somethig. Arguments are good, right?
Video - Second - Even more fights...?

(The Dragon Sorceror of Cohseltel) Maciel
Although they only meet once, they had a very pleasant first impression. Both of them had fun baking and shopping, and she was very fond of all the tinny kids, carrying them contently and admiring the garden they had.

relationship: Friends!
Video/Action - First - Helping out and having fun? Cute kids!
Video - Second - You can fly?
(Final Fantasy VII) Elena
Both of them met for the first time in a very dangerous place, and understandably both of them ended up rather close, protecting each other (although Elena might have not wanted that, Lili couldn't sit and watch someone get hurt for her) in the hunted house with all the ghosts.  As much as it would be better if Elena was home and not here, she was also very glad to see her back in the city.

Having both pretty much horribly injured 202 together, she can't help but feel anxious about seeing her again, and extremely guilty. That is, if she can even bring herself to look her in the eye again. 
relationship: Not!Sister!
Video/Action - First - Saving eachother?
Video - Second - Welcome back, Not!sis.
Action - Third - Helping shoot someone we care about? Haha, yeah
(Kingdom Hearts) Aqua
Will be added later; once the whole girls night thing finishes. Hopefully! But she can tell she is someone very kind and gentle, it also seems that she and France were very close so she can't help but find her pleasant.

relationship:  Acquaintances
Video - First - This place will forever be amazing.
(Monochrome Factor) Kou -dropped-

Clueless as she is, she finds him rather nice (well, he is) she doesn't exactly see any of his... well, pervertedness at all. He's a rather lovely friend, and talking to him always made her feel slightly better. She's also rather amazed by how he can turn into a dog, albeit just a bit confused as to how but! He got along well with her and her rabbit, so she's glad when it comes to him.

relationship: Friends~!
Frist - Video - meeting eachother for the first time has never been oddly interesting  
Second - Action - Kou protects her and well, she is amazed that he  can turn into a dog.
Third - Video - Lili has presents!
(Naruto) Hidan
Hidan, oh Hidan. Teaching her how to cuss, isn't he a great man? Well, he was the one that told her about what's going on with her brother and 202, he even comforted her a bit. They didn't talk much after that, though. He still is someone she can depend on, and is rather fond of in her own way.

Teach her more things! Do it!

relationship: Friends friends everyone is her friend.
Video - First - Vash is what with who? / Teaching a girl how to swear is awesome!
(Naruto) Kakuzu
To put is simply; Kakuzu scares the heck out of her now. Although she has had her moments of complete obliviousness, as trying to cheer him up in a very dumb way which only made him angry much to her confusion. Although with Kakuzu's rather... Red, and colorful post she pretty much learned her lesson to not be around him again. 
relationship: Feaaar.
Video - First - Hidaaan where are you?
Action - Second - This, everyone, is called stupidity.
Video then  Action - Third - Cello?
(Pandora Hearts) Alice
Alice! She is someone who Lili cares for rather deeply, why? She can't figure out why, but it's most likely due to her seeming so weak when she was sick and that she knew her before hand from the meeting with Break and that friendship might have gotten closer with her helping Lili while she was injured from her time in the catacombs. 

She always seems to get herself into trouble, and Lili can't help but worry about her a lot and usually ends up having to take care of her. But she has no problems with this, since Alice is usually pretty nice to be around. 
relationship: Friends~

Video - First -  Wasn't distracted by Break snow man, really! Taking care of a sick Alice, go!
Video then Action - Second - saving times
Video - Third - Alice fell?
(Pandora Hearts) Xerxes Break -Dropped-
Somehow, he ended up being someone exceptionally precious to her. She knows about his blindness, and even a bit about his past, heck, she made him cupcakes once mostly just on a whim. But she had to do something for him, since he managed to cheer her up several times and she wasn't someone that would over look someone's help like that. At first he was rather charming, yes, but not exactly that special. 
It's around the time that Vash was out cold that she started to grow fond of being around him. He listened to her, and worried about her which she could tell and appreciated greatly. He wasn't someone that she would be able to stand and watch get hurt, as shown by the time she went to him in the mansion, dragging the poor blind fart out and getting caught in the whole thing herself. But it all ended well, right? Other then his comment on her telling him to come to her home, she has nothing to hold against him or be annoyed by. 

In short, all the love!

relationship: Somewhere...?
Video - First - Talking talking talking and Break is a troll.
Voice - Second - Break is charming, but still a troll and somehow they ended up talking about the brothers
Video - Third - Cupcakes!
Video then Action - Fourth - Break tries to comfort Lili, she figures out he's blind and they have chocolate. Sounds just about right.
Video then Action - Fifth - Break's in the mansion and is pretty much in shock for most of the thread, then angry Austria throws things, he tells her about his past a bit  and these two are some odd mixture of "awww" and cry worthy.
Video - Sixth - Break wants her for the whole B&E.
Log -Seventh - B&E AW YEAH.  They discuss their new plans.

Memes - Eight, I guess - Handcuffed and awkward!
(Pandora Hearts) Elliot Nightray
ELLIOT is practically the only person in the world that she would argue with, but in the same time he's rather close to her -to her anyway- so in the end, he seems to be this odd mixture of friend and older brother. She might also have a soft spot for him for protecting her in the forest, as much as she didn't want him to get hurt, that did touch her. 
Of course, that somehow leaded to him getting sick and she taking care of her which also somehow leaded to him walking around mostly naked which, of course, was awkward. But she might find it amazingly hilarious if she happens to remember this, which she usually does.   
Although she might just be crushing on him in her own way, let's blame the fact he protected her and the fact he resembles her brother. Or, well,  how Vash mostly used to act.  So tsun.  So she couldn't help but make him handmade presents, much to his discontent and amazing confusion.  As for the accidental kiss with the whole mistletoe thing... She might have just liked that. 

Hnnng, will add things later~!
relationship: LILI BE CRUSHIN'.
Action - First - Elliot has a lovely first meeting with Lili that has to do with getting attacked
Video - Second - Sick Elliot is sick
Video - Third - Oddly enough Elliot has more sense then her. /hides from the glares.
Video/Action - Fourth - Elliot comes to save the day! Or fight.
Video/Action - Fifth - Head hunter...?
Offline/Video - Sixth - Elliot spazzes at presents!
Audio then actiooon - Seventh - Candy makes me happppy
Log - Eighth - Tsunning and Moeing under the mistletoe

Meme - Flowersss.
Meme - Cupcaaakes make Elliot very odd.
Meme - Hand cuffed, yep.
(Samurai Warriors Chronicles) Kanetsugu Naoe
He would be someone she looked up and held his opinions in great regard, due to him holding himself in a very honorable manner and his very kind way of treating her. They have bonded truly for the firs time at the Halloween party, while he tried to teach her traditional Japanese dancing, which she picked up on pretty quickly aaandd then she got drunk while he was awkward. 
While he did help her many times, usually ending in a very fluffly adorable manner she of course cares for him deeply, and would do anything to help him as well as making him many Kimonos, might just make him feel more at home, right? 

Kanestugu seems to be rather found of saving her, isn't he?
relationship: Very dear friend!
Video - First - first meeting.
Log - Second - Fan dancing and bonding!
Video/Action - Third - Kanetsugu helps Lili!
Video/Action - Fourth - Break is gone and Zombies are in the house!
Video - Fifth - Kanetsugu is a dumbie and Lili worries.
Video - Sixth - Clothes! Clothes!
Video - Seventh - Presents for Kane but Kimono will have to wait.
Video then Action - Eight - Kanestugu rides a horse and is an honorable little Samurai.
Video then action - Ninth - Candy
Video - Tenth - Lists?

Meme - In game - Morning.... after?
Meme - In game - Honestly...
Meme - bad weather and snuggles
(Shin Megami Tensei: Persona) Souji Seta
She finds him very endearing, since he always seemed very level headed and just a tad bit mysterious to her. Although she easily warmed up to him, when he had the small party at his place, where she gladly came to share with him. He also considered training her, which she appreciated very much. 

At the Christmases party he held, she found him to be rather charming even with the little time she spent with him.

relationship: Friendsss.
Video - First - Newcomer?
Video - Second - Training?
Log - Third - Paaaarty.
(Star Trek Franchise) Spock
She found him very interesting and slightly intimidating (but that soon passed while she was taking the measurements for his clothes), just from the he spoke she could see he was a tad different. But he did seem rather kind to her, so she couldn't help but find him pleasant.  
And she couldn't help but see him a rather new light when he came to visit her in the hospital, she got him to smile! And she is very proud of that, since he seems to be a rather cold person on the outside, but she can tell he's like her brother, since he does have a very soft side to him.

He is someone very, very serious about pretty much everything. But managing to make him smile, almost felt like a real victory and he seemed to hold most of his feelings inside him, but she can easily respect him- which is why when he was on candy it pretty much shocked her.

I can almost swear she sometimes acts like him in a way when she's alone then ends up laughing all by herself, like a real overly active little girl she is.

relationship: Close friends!
Video - First - Clothes in the working~.
Action - Second - Taking care of her?
Action - Third - Candy?
(OC) Gilroy Lowe ("Miela Browning")  -Dropped-
"She" is someone Lili gets along with easily, although he is usually rather awkward with her, being all tsun and all. Lili although was very surprised as to how old he really was, and both of them came to some kind of agreement later. They also had a pretty good in the Halloween party, oddly enough. 
relationship: Derpy friends.
Text - First - You're how old?
Log - Second - Holloween party things.

Meme - In game - Honesty?
Meme - In game - Morning after?
(OC) 202
She sees her as her older sister, in a way but in the same time she is rather jealous of her relationship with her brother. Which makes her hate herself for feeling that way, since 202 was obviously a nice person. But when it comes to lying when Vash was gone, she isn't exactly happy with what she did and might not be able to talk to her normally for a long time. 
 In a way, she looks up to her, since she wants to know what her brother sees in her she might just end up having Lili copy her in some things. Although she doesn't know that the world back in the jungle event was 202, she slightly feels safe talking to her in a way. 

Heeey, now that she's engaged to Vash things get even worse! Not to mention her disappearing for almost a week, which pretty much crushed her brother right in front of her eyes and she couldn't do anything about it other then try to cheer him up, which made her feel very conflicted about her. So she ended up looking for her for her brother's sake, which ended horribly. By which I mean they both ended up attacking each other, Elena included in this horrible little fight before her brother came to save all three of them from almost killing each other.
With some more things that happened, having to talk 202 and apologizing for many things she can almost say she's actually truly starting to like her.

relationship: Sister... in law?
Action - First - Wolfy 202 and Lili stay around for a bit.
Video - Second - Vash is gone and Lili is just a biiit jealouse.
Video then Action - Third - Vash at the hospital.
Video - Fourth - Falling down?
Action - Fifth - Baby shot me down?
Text then Action - Sixth - Actual bonding?



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