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Permission post

CHARACTER NAME: Lichtenstein / Lili / Erica which ever.
CHARACTER SERIES: Axis Powers Hetalia


Backtagging: I don't mind! I do it a lot myself since I sometimes fail at tagging. Ahaa.
Threadhopping: All the threads.
Fourthwalling: ... Sounds fun, but she has a horrible imagination if she gets that far and doesn't just stand in shock. xD
Offensive subjects: I can't see any with her! Don't insult anyone she cares about and you're good.


Hugging this character: There will be a lot of blushing but she is rather friendly, so don't worry about being pushed away... just worry about any guns around, her brother is extremely protective of her.
Kissing this character: Once again, don't get yourself killed by him. But sure~ If you know, she actually knew them well enough. But random kissing and ness will really get you killed. She has her own guns, you know? But she won't use them unless well... you try to do anything else. <<
Flirting with this character: Give her awhile to get it, hmhm. But she isn't exactly the kind of person that would flirt back, if she knew what it was anyway. Other then that? Red as tomato.
Fighting with this character: Sure! She got lessons from Switzerland several times, I'm sure she picked up on some of it. And she might not look it, but due to the many sports she partakes in (skiing/snowboarding/hiking/biking) she is in fact rather strong.
Injuring this character: Me? I'm okay with it. But she will fight back to just about anything, as long as they weren't a friend if it was... she might stand in shock and probably get herself horribly injured.
Killing this character: You will be killed by a certain someone, yep. But really, countries are kind of hard to kill them.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, why not? =o Although once again, odd imagination and she gets easily distracted. As for going deeper in there, she does in fact, have a slightly horrible past by which I mean everything before her brother. Of course. XD

Warnings: I can be really depry! So if I don't reply back do PM me! ;; Sometimes I just forget or don't really know how to reply.

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