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When lichtenstein was a nameless little nation, Rome had picked her up on one of his frolics about Europe. He didn’t really do much with her though, it was more spur of the moment; because she is so quiet he kind of forgot about her.

Austria gained her under his house for a time - yes ladies and gents, she lived with fancy pants Austria. It was during her time with him she gained a lot more land and grew. Unfortunately….he forgot about her too. The land given to her was mountainous and what he deemed useless. Though now it’s something truly beautiful and she cares for her place very dutifully, usually taking long walks and picking flowers from her many valleys.

Liechtenstein was nameless until she sided with the Holy Roman Empire as one of his sovereign states. Because of this she actually really liked him. He gave her attention she longed for, though she’s such a humble lady about it; it never went to her head.

Though sadly this time was short lived, and she never got to truly make any connections with the rest of the Holy Roman Household as France took her away under Napoleon the first, who ran down the Holy Roman Empire, and took Lili with him - as her economy fell into step with his.

She was more or less forgotten, left to fend for herself in the Alps. Though on random occasions, neighboring states would ask her to watch their values while they went off to war. Which tells me Lili is a very competent and trustworthy young lady.

Though they never usually came back to retrieve said values, so score for liechtenstein! She just kind of puts them all in her attic, doubtful as to what to do with them.

Lili is and never will be a good fighter though, since she values peace over war. She at one point had her own little army, but it’s just not in her nature. So while everyone ran about stabbing their neighbor and having wars, Lili usually got caught in the middle and once again, forgotten.

Although Lili is rather powerful, due to the various sport such as hiking and skiing that she practices often, I'm sure she can beat you up if it boiled down it it, she was in the 30 year war, after all, just didn't fight much. That and I'm sure some of those lessons from her brother stuck. Y'know, the ones that didn't get cut off by cute drawings.

She has never once complained though. Lili is a very strong, noble woman at heart, she’s just quiet. Not dainty, but more so she feels it isn’t her place to be in the limelight.

The one time Austria really gave attention to her was during world war 1 when she had joined the German Confederation. Though it was only to tax and over burden her for goods to profit the war. Some occasions hungary tried to dote on her, but Austria took up all her time during the war.

Because of the war, Liechtenstein was about to fall and disappear by economic collapse. It was at this time Switzerland stumbled upon her and took her into his care (when Liechtenstein left the German Confederation.).

It was at this time Liechtenstein gained the one, real person who made her feel like she existed. Because of this, she is beyond loyal to Switzerland and would most likely go berserk if anyone ever hurt him.

She sees a lot of the Holy Roman Empire in him, considering the fallen empire was the first person to attempt a connection with her. And because Holy Roman Empire was an empire, Lili treats Vash like he were an empire and she his state (though not all the time, other times they do bond obviously. But out of natural habit and gratitude - Switzerland is the world to her). She picks up after him - though he is very... obsessed with order, so I doubt there’s much for her to clean, but she does what she can get her hands on.

She also cooks and when he’s working late she always waits around despite him saying otherwise to see if he would need any assistance. It was also because of Switzerland that Liechtenstein no longer has a military (or what there was of it). She, for the first time since holy roman empire, feels safe. So she’s actually really comfortable with being a nation now.

Lili, to me in my headcanon, comes off as that girl who should be a princess, but never got the chance to be. More or less she is the Cinderella of Europe, though the prince that came to her isn’t really a prince, but that’s okay.

I don’t think she would have been happy living in a castle with millions of servants doing everything for her. It would weird her out. And vash would be like “wtf go away i will shoot you all aaaaaaah” and have an aneurysm.

Repeating myself now, Liechtenstein is much older and stronger than her appearance. Where she calls Switzerland “big brother” he isn’t really that much older than her. And I imagine her to be about the same age as Germany, but defiantly younger than Prussia and Austria.

When Austria and her meet/see one another on the few occasions or when she sees him at world meetings, part of her almost wishes he would notice and recognize how much she did for him - and to some of the others to come and take their things back. But as most have forgotten they even gave it to her they just stare at her blankly. Vash is just like “shhhhh justkeepit”.

With germany, my headcanon is that she gets day dreamy (though can’t tell with her; she’s just so quiet) and has a bit of crush on him. She doesn’t know 100% that he is the holy roman empire, but she has her suspicions.

Because of this Italy is like her bff, and somehow Poland fits into this and they go shopping and have girly times. Sometimes hungary joins in too.

Hungary is the only female nation liechtenstein is close to. She goes to her for all her girl issues. Hungary is ecstatic because she always wanted a daughter and complains at Austria as to why he never kept her.

Prussia also thinks Lili is the cutest thing ever and she’s the only one allowed to pet Gilbird other than him. Yes. Also during the German Confederation, Gilbird got to know Lili a little bit, but also because of the war he was too busy to really have time for her. Nowadays he makes up for it by randomly popping up at her place and loitering. He kind of always wanted a little sister anyway.

Because of all the bits of attention she gets from everyone after years of always being ditched in the alps, she gets flustered by it easily, making her come off as shy. When in reality put her in a room talking politics and she’ll throw you for a loop. This girl has a brain on her.

Especially when it comes with money. She was good with money long before Swiss came along - and because of the over taxing she went through during past wars, she’s extra critical on giving out taxes. She goes through each law and document and tax with a fine toothed comb.

She can think for herself very well, and now a days she can hold her own. Though in the end she would rather always have the comfort of having someone close to her because she likes to feel needed and useful. The fact that Switzerland gives her attention and respect in return is just an added bonus.

Some more canon? other then the obvious...

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a landlocked alpine state in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and by Austria to the east. Originally part of the Holy Roman Empire, when it was overthrown Liechtenstein became it's own state. She was then presided over by the German Confederation, the leader of which was the Austrian Emperor. Liechtenstein also had many advances in the nineteenth century, as in 1836, the first factory was opened, making ceramics. In 1861, the Savings and Loans Bank was founded, as was the first cotton-weaving mill. Two bridges over the Rhine were built in 1868, and in 1872 a railway line across Liechtenstein was constructed. This helped foreign relations between her and the other nations.

It was when the Austro-Prussian war broke out that true pressure was placed on Liechtenstein - when peace was declared, Prussia accused the smaller nation of being the true cause of the war due to a large miscount of the votes that were pro a war. This led to Liechtenstein refusing to agree to sign a peace treaty with Prussia and remained at war, though it was more of a "cold war", seeing as no true conflict ever occured. This was one of the arguements that "justified" the invasion in the late 1930s.

Until the end of the first world war, Liechtenstein first was closely tied to the Austrian Empire and later to Austria-Hungary. The economic devastation caused by WWI forced the country to conclude a customs and monetary union with its other neighbour Switzerland. In the Hetalia manga, this is shown with Liechtenstein being left alone in the rain, beaten and bloody, and Switzerland coming to her aid and taking her home, caring for her.

In the spring of 1938, just after the annexation of Austria into Greater Germany, eighty-four year-old Prince Franz I abdicated. While Prince Franz I claimed that old age was his reason for abdicating, it is believed that he had no desire to be on the throne if Germany were to gobble up Liechtenstein. During World War II, Liechtenstein remained neutral, much like her "older brother" Switzerland.

That is all, I need sleep.

Liechtenstein likes polite conversation like anyone else, but enjoys a nice, comfortable silence every so often as well. Simply sitting and “being” is pleasant for her, especially with Switzerland or another loved one.

Sewing is both relaxing and a free alternative to buying gifts, something the frugal siblings both hold respect for.

The Alps specifically. They are overwhelming but beautiful, and are just “homey” feeling. They remind her of the tiny hamlets nestled at the foothills of peaks and lush, green valleys.

Living in the mountains has made her partial to the sport, and despite her small frame, she is rather good. Though due to Switzerland’s precautions, she is compelled to wear a helmet and goggles as well as carry a tracking device in case the sibling duo gets separated.


While she loves and depends on her neighbors, it is not appreciated when she is not acknowledged as a sovereign country. Liechtenstein doesn’t mind so much about being unknown like Seychelles, just as long as she is identified as a country when she is “discovered.”

As a gentle and peaceful country, she dislikes weapons and pain, be it directed at herself or anyone else--hence her neutrality. Lili doesn’t take kindly to verbal fighting, either.

Lili is a rather soft-spoken girl, and surprises do not always go over well with her. When she is simply surprised, she'll let out a little squeak, but remains silent with wide eyes and trembling limbs when completely terrified.

Water; More specifically, large bodies of water such as the sea, the ocean, or even lakes. Liechtenstein is a doubly-landlocked country and likes solid ground very much; she’s never really felt comfortable in boats.


~ Abandonment; Liechtenstein is incredibly grateful to Switzerland for saving her from what she believed was her inevitable demise. She came to trust him after the rough years of World War II, and would be completely crushed if he simply left her to die.

~ Being lied to; She is a very trusting girl and would be heartbroken if she learned that someone--especially a loved one--had been deceiving her.


Kindness/Compassion; She is, by nature, kind to anyone and everyone.

Intellect; Lili is rather smart (despite her naivety) and has a knack for computers, though she isn’t nearly as technologically apt as Estonia.

Manners; She is exceedingly polite and formal, even with her brother. But because of this, Liechtenstein can be too serious at times and blushes at even the lightest impolite statement.

Physically rather strong, surprisingly enough. Due to several lessons from her brother and all the sports she practices.


Self-consciousness; Lili is often mistaken as a teenage boy, making her self-image diminish greatly for obvious reasons. She has grown accustomed to correcting the humans, but is still rather sensitive about her appearance. The small country only feels worse when she, like all girls, compares herself to her fellow female nations.

Naivety/Curiosity; Liechtenstein is very trusting of people, preferring to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and refusing to believe a person to be capable of being ‘evil’ or ’bad.’ Despite warnings about strangers from Switzerland, she engages in conversation with people and nations she doesn’t know or often associate with, often out of either politeness or intrigue. Lili is also quite gullible and very easily influenced by others, the person with the most influence being her brother.

Humility; The little blonde is very humble and modest, rarely speaking unless spoken to. Even when she is proud of herself for whatever reason, she refuses to look haughty and downplays her achievements.

Liechtenstein Flag Meaning:
In 1937, the head of the government, Joseph Hoop, described the meaning of Liechtenstein's flag as this: "Blue is the color of a radiant sky, red the color of the embers in the fireplace during evening gatherings; gold of the crown shows that our people, our country and our princely House are united in heart and spirit. Blue and red are the country's national colors. The gold crown, outlined in black, is the symbol of Princely authority and symbolizes the bond between Liechtenstein's prince, the state and the people."

Liechtenstein Flag History:
The current Liechtenstein flag was adopted on September 18, 1982. The Liechtenstein flag's colors are likely derived from the livery colors of Liechtenstein's royal household in the 18th century. A plain horizontally divided blue over red flag was adopted as part of a new constitution on the October 5, 1921.

The crown was added to the Liechtenstein flag in 1937, after it was discovered by Liechtenstein's team at the 1936 Olympics that the country's flag was identical to the flag of Haiti. The design of the crown was slightly modified in 1982. Liechtenstein was created in 1719 and became an independent principality in 1866.

Interesting Liechtenstein Flag Facts:
Previous to the blue and red flag in 1921, Liechtenstein had a yellow over red colored flag.

/thanks to many lovely sites! <3
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